Everything you need to know about permanent traffic sign warranties

Permanent traffic signs play a vital role in keeping road users safe, during day and night. Any issues or compromise of traffic sign visibility, reflectivity, or quality could lead to disaster. Therefore, traffic sign warranties are vitally important, ensuring traffic signs continue to perform and keep road users safe over the duration of the sign’s lifetime.

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Aside from the durable traffic sign frame, traffic sign reflective sheeting also comes with warranties to ensure the product remains as visible and effectively reflective for as long as possible. It is the sign face, after all, that provides the critical information to road users, and the reflectivity of this material that guarantees sign conspicuity even during dark hours. Download the UK reflective specification to learn more about the various reflective materials and their optimum application.

Here at Lakeside Group we supply Avery Dennison reflective materials for a full range of applications, from emergency vehicles to contour tape, and importantly, traffic signs. We offer up to 15-year product warranties – the longest in the industry – for our traffic sign products! In this blog our experts explain why traffic sign warranties are so important, and why 15 years is the gold standard warranty duration.

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Why are traffic sign warranties important?

As with any product purchase, it’s important that the product fulfils its purpose for as long as possible with optimal performance. This is especially true for traffic signs as they are such critical components of road safety furniture. Additionally, as signs are installed across road networks everywhere, the constant inspection is taxing, and therefore purchasers need to trust in their products to perform well over many years, assured by a long warranty.

Reflective sheeting is crucial to the successful functioning of a traffic sign and must remain conspicuous, reflective and visible at all hours, light or dark. Warranties therefore help to ensure these criteria are met over time. Where dirt or damage is more likely, for example at street works, the quality of reflective materials may be compromised quicker.

Additional to the function of traffic signs, upkeep is required by associate regulations within the Traffic Sign Regulations and General Directions 2016 (TSRGD). Within the maintenance section of Chapter 8, one part of the Traffic Signs Manual which gives guidance on the TSRGD, regular inspection and quality management is mandated – see 8.1.2.

Warranties give the assurance that if the reflective materials were to fail to perform within the covered time, they would be replaced, restored, or refunded. Upon finding a fault or issue within the warranty period, owners can contact the provider and resolve the issue where possible for no cost.

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This gives confidence to purchasers that the products are high quality and covered, so that if something does go wrong, they are protected and don’t have to continuously repurchase materials at a cost. The longer the warranty, the more protection given to the purchaser, but also the more confidence instilled as the manufacturer demonstrates great faith in the product to last well.

How long are permanent traffic sign warranties?

The industry standard for permanent traffic sign warranties is anywhere up to 12 years. According to the specific product and technology used, the warranty can range from a lower amount (i.e. 7 years) up to over a decade.

At Lakeside Group we offer a 15 year warranty on selected CE accredited reflective materials for traffic signs, manufactured by our trusted partner Avery Dennison. We offer 7, 12 and 15 year warranted CE accredited reflective materials ranging from engineering grade glass beaded RA1 products to micro-prismatic premium Grade R3C materials.

  • – 15 year warranty – T11500 OmniCube™ full-cube R3C
  • – 12 year warranty – T6500 HIP RA2
  • – 10 year warranty – custom ink colours

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We are the UK distributor for Avery Dennison reflective solutions, proudly supplying quality products with the industry’s longest warranty offering and best graffiti cleanability. Alongside our traffic sign product range, we can slit, sheet and die cut materials to meet our client’s requirements. We offer a whole range of reflective materials, beyond permanent traffic sign materials.

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Do I need a traffic sign warranty?

A warranty on any product is recommend. As a buyer, it protects you against financial loss for product damage that is not your fault. Also, if a manufacturer offers a warranty, they are showing confidence in the quality of their own product, which is reassuring for longevity.

For permanent traffic signs, a warranty is offered as standard. Finding the longest available warranty offered with industry renowned products is the best way to secure your investment for as long as possible.

15 year permanent traffic sign warranties with Lakeside

As the UK distributor for Avery Dennison reflective solution products, we take pride in our industry leading quality offering. With permanent traffic sign material warranties ranging from 7 to 15 years, we offer some of the longest warranties in the industry, assured of the quality of our products.

If you’re looking for unrivalled durability for your permanent traffic signage, check out the below video to find out more about our winning combination of 15 year R3C micro prismatic sheeting, durable TrafficJet inks and OL-1200 dew-resistant overlay film.

If you’d like to find out more about our range of products and warranty options, get in touch with one of our friendly team! Our team of experts are always on hand to help and advise on the best reflective solution for you.

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