Branding commercial vehicles can be a great opportunity to develop and grow your business.

Below, we outline 7 benefits of branding commercial vehicles and tips for getting started.

Benefits of Branding Commercial Vehicles

1. First Impressions

In many cases your vehicle is the first impression a new client gains of your business: be it out on the road, parked up outside a customer’s house, or stationed outside your company’s premises. An eye-catching design complete with logo and contact details can attract many new customers and negate the need for monthly advertising expenditure through the usual routes of local newspapers, radio, TV stations or social media.

Recent research has evidenced that a vehicle operating in a traffic-heavy major city in the UK may be observed by up to 3000 people per hour. With government statistics citing over 38.4 million vehicles on the road in March 2019, every time your commercial vehicle sets off for the day, its branding advertises your company and its services to a vast and far more diverse number of future customers than any conventional advertising channel, particularly for local businesses.

2. Professionalism

A branded vehicle adds professionalism to your business. For the new customer, who appears more credible and trustworthy when they turn up on your doorstep for the first time: a vehicle which clearly names the business and includes contact details or a random white van with no vehicle livery? A branded vehicle inspires confidence: a tradesperson who publicly advertises their services is far less likely to be a cowboy, has more to lose if work does not come up to scratch and has a reputation they will strive to uphold.

3. Quick and Easy

Long gone are the days of spray-painting permanent logos on to the sides of vans which inevitably used to affect resale value and prohibited the possibility of updating any logo should a company’s branding change in any way. These days stencilled adhesive letterings are readily available, easily applicable and can preserve the paintwork beneath, particularly when it comes to removal at some later date.

“Wraps” – thin vinyl sheets applied to large sections of the vehicle – can change the colour and appearance of your vehicle entirely. They can offer a highly cost-effective way of branding commercial vehicles, convert your van into an exciting, moving billboard and score huge amounts of sightings and future trade possibilities in any normal working day.

4. High Quality

High quality wraps offer an exceptional level of protection to all vehicles. Effectively, they provide an extra layer of skin which protects from chips, abrasions and general debris thrown up by road surfaces. They aid in keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition when you come to selling it on. Not only that, they are easily removable and won’t do any damage to the paintwork beneath when your logo and branding change or you simply want them removed. With an average life span of seven years for a quality wrap and prices extremely cost-effective in terms of advertising potential, wraps are a very serious consideration for anyone looking to brand their commercial vehicles.

5. Theft Deterrent

A vehicle wrap is a highly efficient theft deterrent – particularly on the white van market. Any would-be crook is going to think twice about attempting to break in and jump start a wrapped vehicle as it will be so easily identifiable on the road. And whilst the wrap can be removed, it needs to be done professionally to avoid any damage to the paint- and bodywork during removal. It is certainly no easy “steal” for any opportunist thief. Additionally, a wrapped vehicle can lead to reduced insurance premiums with some providers, which is certainly worth looking into.

6. Lots of Options

If wraps or adhesive lettering aren’t for you, consider investing in a magnetic van or car sign such as used by many taxi companies. Perhaps yours is a smaller business and you use your vehicle for both company and private use. If you’re on holiday, you are unlikely to be wanting to advertise your business as you hit the road with the family on board, so simply remove the sign as so many cab drivers do for personal use. Magnetic signs are highly durable and can be designed to advertise your company in almost any way you choose. They also have the advantage of being easily removed if you are anxious about your vehicle standing out in any unattended car park.

7. Partnerships and Sponsorships

Perhaps your business is one that does not have access to a fleet of vans, lorries or company cars. No matter: there are plenty of opportunities on the market to sponsor a logistics or transport company or even a local taxi if you feel that is right for you. Effectively it’s a win/win on both sides: you get the localised or nationwide advertising and the transport company boosts its income. Although obviously be savvy when comparing sponsorship costs and client reach.

Learn More About Lakeside Group

We hope the above has given you some valuable insight into why we consider commercial vehicle branding to be an absolute no-brainer. Of course, do think carefully about design, your logo and the layout on the vehicle, particularly if your van has sliding doors. You wouldn’t be the first to end up with an embarrassing slogan when the door is pulled back!

With approximately three seconds to capture the eye of any motorist, ensure your branding is striking and clear with one main focus point that advertises your services. Keep it simple, eye catching, and memorable, and be sure to include contact details in a font which is bold and easy to read.

At the Lakeside Group, we have been at the forefront of vehicle signage for many years now and our digitally printable reflective signage is second to none.

For an informal conversation on how we can deliver the branding you require to advertise and enhance your sales and services, please contact us today.