We at Lakeside Group are well established suppliers of high quality retroreflective products, including solid construction conspicuity reflective tapes, and a preferred partner of material science manufacturer Avery Dennison. More than thirty years of experience in the vehicle safety industry provides us with the necessary insight to bring the best reflective products and advice to you.

Reflective tape matters – it can save lives and make the road a safer place. In this article, we will go over the differences between solid construction and air-celled (also known as air gap) conspicuity tape, and the benefits and uses of solid construction conspicuity tape – including ECE 104 compliant tapes from Avery Dennison.

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The difference between solid construction and air-celled conspicuity tape

Understanding the differences between solid construction and air-celled conspicuity tape is a good way to make an informed decision on the type you use for increasing the visibility of your vehicles on the roads. The way in which the tape is constructed is what leads to its name and relevant properties.

Solid construction conspicuity tape

As the name implies, this kind of tape is solid and does not have an air gap present. Sometimes called single layer construction, solid construction conspicuity tape has a number of benefits, including increased durability.

Solid construction conspicuity tape features a metallic layer beneath the reflective materials, in place of the open space in air-celled conspicuity tapes. This allows for a greater level of durability, and Avery Dennison’s products achieve this without losing any flexibility.

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Air-celled conspicuity tape

Most brands make their reflective or conspicuity tape using air-celled construction methods. This typically is formed in a honeycomb pattern that holds glass beads in individual cells. The cells are covered with plastic, leaving a small air gap above the glass beads.

Leaving a gap cuts down on costs due to reduced materials and less involvement required for manufacturing but may also lead to a decrease in the durability of the product – possibly needing replacements down the line.

What’s the difference?

The key difference between solid and air-celled construction relates to durability. Damage to air-celled tape, such as blunt force trauma from impacts while docking a truck or scraping against a bollard, can crush the gaps or beads which prevents the retroreflective properties from working. In addition, the gaps can fill with water, dirt or other debris, which leads to further failure of the reflective properties.

Without the proper levels of reflectivity, your vehicle becomes a hazard at night – not only for yourself, but for other drivers too. Constantly replacing your conspicuity tape can be costly and time consuming, so choosing a tape that is designed to resist the considerable demands that are put on heavy goods vehicles is a way to help mitigate these disadvantages.

Solid construction conspicuity tape, such as V-6700 from Avery Dennison, is a great alternative to air-celled tape for your vehicle safety needs. Thanks to the omni-directional nature of V-6700 it can be applied in any orientation for consistent performance, a feature unique to Avery Dennison.

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What are the uses of solid construction conspicuity tape?

Solid construction conspicuity tape increases the visibility of lorries and trailers during night-time driving. It can help to reduce accidents, prevent injuries and decrease related costs such as repairs and insurance expenses.

The structure of solid construction conspicuity tape helps it to resist damage from dirt, water, debris, and denting. Even after damage is incurred, solid construction products maintain reflectivity, keeping you visible and safe on the roads.

In line with ECE 104 regulations, solid construction conspicuity tape should be applied to the sides and rear of lorries and trailers.

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The benefits of using solid construction conspicuity tape

Ensuring you use the best conspicuity tape available is a great way to stay on top of your road safety. By taking advantages of the unique benefits offered by Avery Dennison’s solid construction conspicuity tape, you can be sure that you’re receiving the optimum levels of coverage for reflective visibility and safety at night.

Some of the key benefits of solid construction conspicuity tape over air-celled tape are:

  • – Durability – solid construction products are more resistant to damage.
  • – Maintained reflectivity – even if damaged, solid construction products continue to retroreflect.
  • – Fast and easy application – due to the single layer construction, solid cell products do not require lengthy edge sealing.
  • – Low conversion costs – without the requirement for edge sealing, kits can be cut faster.
  • – Quick removal – metallised products are simple and quick to remove, which is useful when decommissioning vehicles.
  • – Flexibility – solid cell products are extremely flexible and easily fit contours, ideal for contour tape or emergency vehicle livery.
  • – Resistant to pressure washing – solid construction metallised micro prismatic products can withstand pressure washing without damage.
  • – Omnidirectional application (unique to Avery Dennison)

In comparison with air-celled tapes, Avery Dennison solid construction conspicuity tape lasts longer, is more resistant to dirt and water ingress, and maintains reflectivity even after damaged. This helps you to stay visible and safe on the roads without having to worry about loss of reflectivity along the way.

Solid construction conspicuity reflective tape from Lakeside Group

Keep the roads, yourself, and your vehicles safe with solid construction conspicuity tape supplied by Lakeside Group. Save on costs, ensure full visibility at all times, and be at ease with our durable and functional products.

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