Author: Scott Horne, Managing Director

10 years of being beside a lake….

Not quite true, Lakeside is 10 years old this year but we’ve never been located next to a lake (unfortunately!)… the name is thanks to a good friend who was happy to help me out when I started out back in 2008 – his company was called Lakeside and he agreed that I could ‘borrow’ the name and logo’s so I could focus on bringing in the business to help pay the bills. Since then, a lot has happened and we’ve now got a great team who are all individually responsible for their bit that keeps Lakeside growing.

Given I started in the spare bedroom, it is great to look back over the years and piece together the pinnacle moments & people that helped me along the way. Whether it was help from our friends at Protect Safety Signs (Dave Lundy) who helped us with storage and advice in the early days, suppliers such as Avery Dennison who had faith I had the right idea and could deliver it, or (and perhaps most importantly) my family who backed me all the way – none of it would be possible without other people. For that I am extremely grateful.

Lakeside remains a family company and we’re moving into new markets though keeping a keen focus on looking after our existing clients – to whom we are thankful for their business.

With this blog, we aim to post monthly with industry new and updates across all the sectors we work in – to name a few worthy examples of what we could have posted over the past 10 years…. CE accreditation for permanent Traffic Signs, ECE104 regulation for truck conspicuity, the introduction of digital printing in the traffic sign industry and the fantastic V8000 product launch more recently.

Hopefully, you’ll find it useful and of course please do contact us if you have any questions (or indeed if you disagree with anything!!). If you would like to get involved or have any news you would like to share, please get in touch on 0845 293 8062 or email:

So please do check back regularly, I hope it will be of interest.

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year – we look forward to working with you next year and onwards.