Over two years and 120,000 miles later the Avery Dennison® Visiflex™ V-8000 still looks like new. No longer does high-impact visibility come at the cost of safety and durability.

For over a decade Lakeside Group has been passionate and committed to making roads safer for people to travel. Our trusted partner and leading manufacturer Avery Dennison has broken the mould when it comes to striking, bold and durable reflectivity solutions for emergency vehicles. The Avery Dennison® VisiFlex™ V-8000 reflective prismatic vinyl is chosen by Fleet Managers and vehicle conversion specialists across the globe because of its durability and reliability. A few months prior to its 2016 launch, Lakeside Group supplied a UK Police Force with the very first Avery Dennison® Visiflex™ V-8000 and found that now, even after 120,000 tough Police Traffic Car miles, the livery is looking every bit as good as the day it was applied.


The largest land locked Police Force in England, which covers around 4000 square miles wanted to invest in highly visible vehicles that were proven to last. Traditionally, emergency vehicles have experienced problems in their reflective material such as; dirt, water ingress and bruising which means after a few years of service their appearance is not as striking and, in many cases, will lead to loss of reflectivity.


The Avery Dennison ® Visiflex™ V-8000 brings long-term benefits for road safety by providing consistent, reliable performance throughout the emergency vehicles life cycle. The single-layer construction of the reflective material means that it’s not susceptible to bruising leading to greater reflective coverage throughout the life-cycle of the vehicle. The durability of the material means that it does not degrade through it’s working life, it’s not susceptible to dirt or water ingress, making it tough enough for any emergency.

The specialist vehicle convertor responsible for cutting and fitting the first Avery Dennison® Visiflex™ V-8000 in the UK, found that fitting the flexible reflective was quick and straightforward – no complicated/time consuming training was required when using Avery Dennison ® Visiflex™ V-8000. Flexibility is enhanced through the metallised construction of the reflective sheeting, and the material is very forgiving when it comes to re positioning during application. When the time comes to remove the material from the vehicle, de-commissioning is hassle-free. The design and form of the material can allow for removal in one singular piece, leaving minimal signs of adhesive residue and enabling the vehicle to be quickly de-commissioned.


By choosing Avery Dennison ® Visiflex™ V-8000 you are selecting the only product designed specifically for vehicles. Through each step of the process, Avery Dennison ® Visiflex™ V-8000 is working for you. Fast economic conversion, easy to apply, robust whole life performance and simple vehicle decommissioning.

“Avery V-8000 has been great in addressing a number of traditional issues we have experienced with livery defects and degradation found with the historical air gap materials. Having cars that look like new after 120,000 miles +, allows greater conspicuousy for our vehicles and helps to keep our officers safe.”

Avery Dennison ® Visiflex™ V-8000, the smart choice through each step of the livery process