Chapter 8 & Safety at Street & Road Works

We carry a full range of reflective products suitable for Chapter 8 and Safety at Street & Road Works. Whether you need an entry level engineering grade (RA1/ R1) or a high grade micro prismatic product (R2 and R3B), we have materials that are easy to convert and durable. This, combined with our industry leading Aura Optical Systems 139 fluorescent yellow, means we have the toughest, most durable range of products on the market.

The guidance for using high visibility rear markings as described in Chapter 8 & Safety at Street and Road Works is a little vague - as members of REMA (the Reflective Equipment Manufacturers Association), we were involved in the creation of a simple guidance document to help fleet managers and operators cut through the red tape and specify appropriate (and legal) best practice markings for their fleets.

A copy of REMA's guidance document can be found below, however if you are still unsure, please call us.

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