Aura Optical Systems 191

  • Aura Optical Systems 191 is an extremely tough single layer high intensity prismatic material suitable for Chapter 8 & and Safety at Street & Road Works rear marking requirements.
  • No need for edge sealing which can lead to water ingress and potential delamination, Aura 191 has been around for 4 years + with no reported complaints - it really is the most robust product you can choose for your rear markings. It uses an aggressive high-tack adhesive for bonding to many different vehicle substrates. It has excellent handling for easier kit production and fitting due to the proprietary Hybrid Polymer technology of the face film.
  • Aura 191 red meets the new requirements of R3B-UK as now suggested within Chapter 2020.
  • For more information on colours and size, please click the product matrix below:

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