Aura Optical Systems 191

Aura Optical Systems 191 is an extremely tough single layer high intensity prismatic material suitable for Chapter 8 & and Safety at Street & Road Works rear marking requirements.

No need for edge sealing which can lead to water ingress and potential delamination, Aura Optical Systems 191 has been around for many years with no reported complaints - it really is the most robust product you can choose for your rear markings. It uses an aggressive high-tack adhesive for bonding to many different vehicle substrates. It has excellent handling for easier kit production and fitting due to the proprietary hybrid polymer technology of the face film.

Aura Optical Systems 191 red meets the requirements of R3B-UK as suggested within the 2020 update to Chapter 8 guidance.

For more information on colours and size, please view our product matrix below.


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