Avery Dennison VisiFlex V-8000 – Emergency services vehicle reflective

Avery Dennison VisiFlex V-8000 is the ultimate reflective vehicle vinyl, designed specifically for the considerable demands of life on the roads. Offering fuss-free application, continuous high visibility over its lifespan and durable quality that won’t delaminate or falter.

With six colours, including two fluorescent, the future of vehicle safety is bright.

Key features

  • - Bold and bright daytime and night-time appearance.
  • - Easy to apply and conform to simple curves.
  • - Digitally printable.
  • - 7 year white, blue, red, green durability.
  • - 5 year fluorescent durability.
  • - Solid layer construction eliminates the need for edge sealing.

Air gap vs. metallised construction

The single layer construction of Avery Dennison VisiFlex V-8000 means that it’s not susceptible to bruising, dirt or water ingress, leading to greater reflective coverage throughout the life of the vehicle. For more information about the benefits of single layer construction micro prismatic products check out our blog Air Gap VS Metallised Micro Prismatic Products.

Easy Apply technology

VisiFlex V-8000 has always been a fitters dream, but in order to make installation even easier and quicker, Avery Dennison have introduced VisiFlex V-8000 Easy Apply. With it’s patented performance feature, Easy Apply allows installers to re-position the material within the first few minutes of application, limiting the risks associated with graphic application, such as wrinkling and air bubbles.

120,000 miles later

With more than five years on the market and not a single reported in field problem, Avery Dennison VisiFlex V-8000 really is leading the way in emergency service reflective. Not convinced? Check out our case study below and see how it looks after 120,000 miles.... here's a hint... it looks like new!

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