R3B and R3C grade products


R3B grade materials are made from highly efficient truncated prisms with superior light return of around 60%.

Avery Dennison T-7500B is an R3B grade omni-directional micro prismatic film that carries a 12 year warranty, full CE accreditation and is compatible with the TrafficJet digital print system.


R3C grade materials are constructed using full cube design and are the most efficient of all the UK classes offering 100% light return. R3C is specified when high performance is required, and for overhead signs or areas of high ambient light. To find out more about class R3C read our blog - what is class R3C?

Avery Dennison T-11500 OmniCube is an R3C grade omni-directional micro prismatic film that incorporates tiles of full-cube microprisms arranged in multiple orientations. The “Smart at Every Angle” feature benefits agencies by providing confidence that all signs will perform with uniform visual reflectivity at all sign face orientations.

T-11500 OmniCube is approved for use on the TrafficJet printer which carries an industry leading 15 year warranty and full CE accreditation.

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