Aura Optical Systems 139 Flexicast

Aura 139 Flexicast is a premium cast fluorescent yellow-green vinyl adhesive film which provides enhanced visibility to signs, graphics or vehicle markings, especially during low light hours.

The cast manufacturing process results in an extremely resilient product which is easy to handle and apply. However, unlike traditional cast graphic films, Aura 139 Flexicast has a face film thickness near 150 microns, making it a uniquely thick cast film which is flexible, but not floppy and exceptionally strong.

Benefits of Aura 139 Flexicast

Unlike many competitor materials, which generally fade completely to white after a short time frame, Aura 139 Flexicast will retain a non-fluorescent yellow colour after the fluorescent appearance fades. As such, the product can often be utilised for longer time frames as a non-fluorescent film, even after most of the fluorescence has faded.

By way of a demonstration, the below photo shows Aura Optical Systems 139 yellow/green (left) next to a leading competitor's fluorescent yellow-green vinyl film, after four summers of outdoor exposure.  

Other benefits include

  • - Improved opacity
  • - Improved weathering
  • - More durable final non-fluorescent yellow colour
  • - Dimensional stability with minimal shrinkage
  • - Non-migrating pigmentation system

Calendered vs. cast vinyl film

Choosing the right fluorescent vinyl film for your vehicle is an important decision, many factors need to be taken into consideration including the lifespan of the product, ease of application, weathability and so on.

For more information about the benefits of cast vs calendered vinyl film check out our blog Fluorescent vinyl: the benefits of cast vs calendered vinyl film. For more information on Aura 139 Flexicast, please view the datasheet and our product matrix below.

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